Smokler Center Kashrut Policy

There are two kosher meal plans for students- one is available through the University, and the other is available through Hillel (which covers Shabbat and Holiday Meals). For more info about the University plan, consult the dining homepage. For questions regarding the Shabbat/Holiday meals served in The Smokler Center for Jewish Life, please email Monica at mdavis@jhu.edu

University Kosher Meal Plan

Kosher meals are served daily in the Fresh Food Cafe. Lunch and dinner are under the supervision of the Orhodox Union and follow the laws of Kashrut.

First Year Students/Upperclassmen Kosher Plans

Kosher 14 Meals per week + 200 Dining Dollars per semester plan
$2,966 per semester/$5,932 per year

Kosher 11 Meals per week + 200 Dining Dollars per semester plan
$2,579 per semester/$5,158 per year

Hillel Shabbat and Holiday Meal Plans

The Shabbat and holiday plans are billed on an annual basis, adjustments are handled by Hillel.
Meals are served at The Smokler Center for Jewish Life, Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building and must be purchased separately.

To purchase the Shabbat and Holiday Meal Plan click here to fill out the Meal Plan form.

Meal Plan

Meal Plan Annual Cost
Gold Plan (Includes all holiday and shabbat meals) $680
Shabbat Lunch Plan $280
10 Dinners $120
10 Lunches $100
Fall Semester Holiday Plan $150
(Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succot, Shmini Atzeret)
Passover (2 seders, 14 meals) $350
Single Dinner $12
Single Lunch $10

By pre-paying for meals you save up to 42%!