JLF | The JLF Internship

JLF | The JLF Internship


The Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF) seeks to cultivate students who: (1) love of the study of Torah, (2) live the Jewish calendar in a meaningful way, on their own terms, (3) have a Jewish social group, (4) participate in the broader Jewish community, and (5) have a Jewish mentor to help them address life’s big questions. JLF takes on interns to support these goals.

Position Description:

Jewish Learning Fellowship Intern(s) will serve in this capacity during the spring semester for all of the JLF cohorts. The primary internship task is to build community and one-on-one relationships with participants in the JLF group. JLF interns act as role models and maintain ongoing contact with the students with whom they have built relationships.

Interns are asked to make this internship a priority throughout the semester and will work weekly with the JLF coordinator for ongoing training, mentorship, and supervision. Interns should anticipate spending 3-4 hours per week in the following areas:

  1. Talking to Current Students Outside of Class
    Interns will engage with at least two students per week outside of class time. This can happen online, over Instagram, or in-person. We define “talking to” as having a significant conversation beyond the casual banter of normal life. Interns will also go on at least one coffee date with each fellow.
  2. Showing Interest and Empathy in Unique Jewish Stories
    Interns are to help students “find their stories” and articulate them by asking open-ended questions, listening, and sharing.
  3. Inviting to Communal Activities and Making Students Feel at Home
    Newcomers do not participate if they are not invited. It is imperative to invite fellows to communal activities such as Hillel events, holiday experiences, and so on. Interns not only invite students to activities, but go with them, sit by them, and introduce them to other people.  Far more important than inviting JLF students to activities is making them feel at home and comfortable there, facilitating their presence as part of a community.
  4. Sending out a Weekly Email to their class
    Interns will send their class an email with important information, upcoming events, a summary of the last class, invitations to join you for Shabbat, etc.
  5. Attending All 8 Sessions
    There are 8 JLF sessions and JLF Shabbat. Interns are expected to attend all JLF experiences.

In addition, interns will:

  • Help recruit fellows before JLF begins, such as sharing Instagram stories/takeovers, reaching out to friends, and being creative in outreach.
  • Participate in discussions with an eye toward helping the group. Help facilitate conversation.
  • Be self-aware, kind, and giving.
  • Respond promptly to all forms of communication from any JLF or Hillel staff.
  • Treat members of the JLF and Hillel staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Meet weekly with the full JLF team.
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to help set up each session and stay up to 30 minutes late to help clean up.


  • Interns will receive a $300 stipend