Student Leaders

Our student leaders help make Jewish life thrive on campus. Each student group works to promote different paths toward deep, meaningful connections to Judaism.

The application for the 2021 Hillel Student Board is NOW OPEN! Apply HERE! 

The 2020 Hillel Student Board

Beckie Cohen, President

Beckie is a junior majoring in Applied Math & Statistics and Econ.  She is involved in A-level Capital, a student-run venture capital firm, and is interested in fashion tech, consumer tech, and venture capital.  Her favorite parts of Hillel are community, people, love, and support.

Alanna Horowitz, Vice President

Alanna is a sophomore majoring in Public Health and minoring in Bioethics. She is an APO brother, a THREAD volunteer, and is interested in maternal and child health and development and genetics.  Her favorite thing about Hillel is the friendliness of the staff — they’re always willing to help out.

Alanna Margulies, Marketing Chair

Alanna is a sophomore majoring in International Studies and History.  She is involved in MSE Symposium, International Studies Leadership Council, Alumni Student Ambassadors, and the Hopkins American Partnership for Israel.  Her favorite thing about Hillel is how genuinely supportive the community is.

Tali Lesser, Social Chair

Tali is a junior majoring in Psychology.  On campus, she is involved in Kappa Kappa Gamma, is an organizer for the Tutorial Project, works in a research lab examining co-rumination, interns for Israel on Campus Coalition, and enjoys listening to musical theater soundtracks on loop.  Her favorite part of Hillel is how open and supportive students and staff members are and how everyone genuinely cares about the well-being of others.

Ethan Bernstein, Social Chair

Ethan is a sophomore majoring in Biophysics.  He is a Blue Key tour guide and is involved in Cubing Club and Hop Help Tutoring.  His favorite thing about Hillel is Shabbat Dinner because everyone gets together to celebrate the end of the week and tons of people come out.

Jake Lefkovitz, Learning Chair

Jake is a sophomore majoring in History and Political Science.  Jake is involved in the Johns Hopkins News-Letter, JHUMUNC and is interested in American politics and Jewish history in America.  His favorite thing about Hillel is the incredibly close sense of community.

Rosie Wolkind, Shabbat and Holidays Chair

Rosie is a freshman majoring in Computer Science and Economics.  She is a member of Blue Key Society, an ACT/SAT Tutor, and a member of Fast Forward U’s 2020 Cohort. She considers her Hillel her home away from home (and her source of free coffee).

Maddie Amonick, Tzedek Chair

Madeline is a junior majoring in Writing Seminars and minoring in Women Gender Sexuality Studies.  She is involved in Center for Social Concern’s programing from HopkinsCORPS, a brother of APO, and the Community Impact Internships program in which I worked with the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.  She loves eating free food with lovely people at Hillel.