Student Leaders

Our student leaders help make Jewish life thrive on campus. Each student group works to promote different paths toward deep, meaningful connections to Judaism.

Aaron Pultman, President
Danielle Kramer, Vice President
Lexie Botzum, Jewish Learning Chair
Adam Krieger, Shabbat and Holidays Chair
Beckie Cohen, Social Chair
Sean Jost, Social Chair
Zoe Goldstein, Tzedek Chair
Alyssa Chalmin, Marketing Chair

Sherry Simkovic, President
Abby Berk, Vice President

Serena Frechter, President
Abby Berk, Vice President

Evan Drukker-Schardl, Co-Chair
Hannah Fajer, Co-Chair
Bentley Addison, Junior Board Member
Jason Souvaliotis, Junior Board Member