Student Leaders

Our student leaders help make Jewish life thrive on campus. Each student group works to promote different paths toward deep, meaningful connections to Judaism.

Eli Katz, President

Hi everyone!! My name is Eli Katz, a senior from outside Philadelphia, studying Applied Math and Statistics with a Minor in Computer Science, and I’m very excited to be continuing as Hillel Student Board President for the Fall of 2019! I’ve really enjoyed being able to put together a range of successful student-led programs along with my fellow HSB members, and I’m looking forward to planning lots more engaging and community-strengthening events this upcoming semester. When I’m not hanging around at Hillel, you can find me working on schedules for baseball’s Minor Leagues, helping out with the Hopkins Men’s Basketball Team, and TAing in the AMS department!

Beckie Cohen, Vice President

Hi! I’m Beckie Cohen, VP of the Hillel Student Board. I’m a junior doubling majoring in Applied Math & Statistics, and Economics from NYC. I’m involved with a student run venture capital firm called A-Level Capital when I’m not hanging out in Hillel. I’m very passionate about everything I do, especially Hillel, so I can’t wait to expand our Hillel family!


Michael Hammer, Jewish Learning Chair

Hi everyone, I’m a junior majoring in Applied math and Economics. I am the HSB Learning Chair. I am very interested in startups and particularly in the future of transportation. Please reach out to me if you have a learning idea that you want to see implemented at Hillel.

Jared Dallas, Shabbat and Holidays Chair

Jared is a junior studying economics and is from Teaneck, NJ. He hopes to make Aliyah in the coming years and to pursue a career in Finance.





Alanna Margulies, Social Chair

Besides eating, studying, and sleeping at Hillel, I am one of two social chairs on the Hillel Student Board, a member of the Welcome Squad, a member of HAPI and one of two interns for Hopkins OU JLIC. When I’m miraculously not doing Hillel-related things, I am an International Studies and History major in my sophomore year, the speaker chair for the International Studies Leadership Council, an Alumni Student Ambassador, and a member of MSE Symposium, which is a speaker series on campus. If you’re interested in any of these things, baseball, or just want to chat, please reach out!

Max Muss, Social Chair

Hi, I’m Max. I’m one of two social chairs on the Hillel Student Board, specifically the FYSHH Chair this semester. I am a sophomore studying mechanical engineering, but a cinephile at heart. I am from Westchester, NY. I went to Frisch for high school and took a gap year in Israel at Yeshiva Eretz Hatzvi. Anything else you want to know, feel free to ask. I’m an open book.


Tali Lesser, Tzedek Chair

Tali Lesser is our next board member being introduced. Tali is a Junior from Scarsdale, NY, majoring in Psychology, and she is this year’s Tzedek Chair. Tali is looking forward to planning fun events that will bring the community together and help give back to various causes. Tali’s favorite thing about Hillel is the peanut butter cups in front of Monica’s office which she she likes to steal. The last book she read was The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis and she is currently watching Stranger Things. Tali’s favorite Jewish holiday is Purim because she wants to bring back the Angry Birds costume and see Rabbi Eric’s beagle dressed up as a bagel. Tali is also involved with the Tutorial Project and Kappa Kappa Gamma. A fun fact about Tali is that she can wiggle her ears without moving her head. Feel free to speak with her if you have any ideas for Tzedek events!

Matthew Schwartz, Marketing Chair

Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Schwartz and I am a member of the JHU Class of 2022 and the Hillel Student Board Marketing Chair. I am double-majoring in Economics and Applied Mathematics and originally from Westchester, NY. On campus, I am also involved as a member of the Marshal L. Investment Team and A-Level Capital. I look forward to connecting with the greater Jewish community at Hopkins this year!

Bentley Addison

At Hillel I’m involved with JStreetU (Co-Chair)

Bentley Addison is a junior from central New Jersey (it exists) studying Sociology and Political Science with minors in Linguistics and Jewish Studies. He’s the co-chair of J Street U at JHU, which works to advance a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and end the occupation, and a former Jewish Learning Fellowship Intern (and Fellow!). On campus, he’s heavily involved in the Center for Social Concern, where he serves as the Director of Community Partnerships for Baltimore First, a student-led direct service group. He loves reading, writing, acknowledging passing dogs but not their owners, and copious amounts of coffee.

Madeline Amonick

At Hillel I’m involved with the Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF); Reform Judaism

A lover of stories and food, Madeline explores Baltimore through its book stores, eateries, and listening to tales of the locals. On campus, Madeline is a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, sister of Pi Beta Phi, the Marketing and Recruitment VP for Enactus, and works at the new Life Design Lab. Madeline is also the Outreach and Operations Associate for the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

Jordan Cohen

At Hillel I’m involved with the Hillel Welcome Squad (HWS)

Jordan is a junior studying Computer Science. He spent a gap year at Yeshiva Orayta, where he was inspired to be an engaging leader and friendly presence in his Hopkins Hillel. Hailing from Miami Beach, Florida, Jordan strives to bring some of his hometown’s sunshine in everything that he does.

Rachel Cohen

Rachel is a sophomore from New Rochelle, New York studying biology and psychology. At Hillel, she is a member of the welcome squad. On campus, she volunteers with the American Red Cross and Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. She is also an editor of the Triple Helix science journal and tutors kids at Barclay elementary school through StartsWithSoap. She’s always down to grab coffee so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Jeremy Costin

At Hillel I’m involved with Conservative minyan, former engagement intern, pluralism committee, Former Gabbai, head of engagement for pluralism

My name is Jeremy Costin and I am a junior studying Public Health and Economics. I have been involved in a lot of ways in the Hopkins Hillel Community. First, I am very active member of the conservative minyan on campus and served as one of the Gabbais last year and will work closely with this years Gabbais as well. I also am an active member and head of engagement for the pluralism committee at Hopkins Hillel. My work for pluralism committee includes trying to make engagement interns active faces in the Hillel community, as well as student led learning initiatives for less experienced Torah scholars. I was also an engagement intern last year. Feel free to always reach out to me with any questions about Hillel you have or if you want to grab a cup of coffee.

Hannah Fajer

At Hillel I’m involved with J Street U (Regional/National Leader), Pluralism Committee, Reform community (Service Leader)

Hannah is a senior majoring in Political Science and Psychology with a minor in Jewish Studies. She has been a member of the Hopkins chapter of J Street U since her freshman year, and is excited to be taking on regional and national leadership roles in the movement. Hannah is also a leader in the Reform community, and will be helping to facilitate Shabbat services this year. She additionally is a member of the Pluralism Committee. Outside of Hillel and Jewish life, Hannah is a research assistant in a campus clinical psychology lab, and she enjoys spending time in her home state of Colorado.

Jared Feingold

At Hillel I’m involved with Beit Midrash Program (Head), Orthodox Minyan (Former Gabbai)

My name is Jared Feingold and I’m a Junior studying Computer Science and Physics. I spent my gap year studying at Yeshivat Orayta. At Hillel, I’ve been involved in starting the Beit Midrash Program, and I served a term as gabbai of the Orthodox Minyan.

Zoe Goldstein

At Hillel I’m involved with Student Mashgicha; Hillel Welcome Squad

I’m a Senior studying Computer Science and Visual Arts, originally from Riverdale, NY! I took a gap year to study at Midreshet HaRova before coming to Hopkins, and have been involved with Hillel since early freshman year! I work for the Malone Center for Engineering In Healthcare and can always be found either in Hillel or watching TV somewhere!

Samuel Hamermesh

At Hillel I’m involved with Orthodox Minyan, Pluralism Committee (Chair)

My name is Sammy Hamermesh and I am a senior at Hopkins studying Mechanical Engineering. I have been active in Hillel since I came to Hopkins and am currently serving as chair of the Pluralism Committee. I am also very active in the Orthodox Community and act as a Mashgiach and Eruv Checker.

Louis Hoffenberg


Louis studies Chemistry and AMS. He is the president of the Cubing Association at JHU (Rubik’s cube club–yes, that’s a thing…please join!). He is also involved in Hopkins Hillel, Greek life, PILOT and undergrad chem research.

Alanna Horowitz

At Hillel I’m involved with Chai (Co-President), Conservative Co-Gabbai, Hillel Welcome Squad

I’m Alanna Horowitz, a sophomore from outside of Boston. I’m a Public Health major with a minor in Bioethics. I grew up in the conservative movement and was active in USY. Being Jewish is the largest part of my identity. I love volunteering especially with children, as well as cooking and watching stand up comedy.

Sean Jost


Hi! I’m Sean and I’m a political science major. I was social chair on HSB last year and am excited to stay involved and be a leader at Hillel in my final semester at JHU. Looking forward to meeting more people and having great events this fall!

Aly Kruglak

Aly is a senior computer science major from the greater Boston area. She just returned from a semester abroad in Copenhagen and spending the summer in New York City. Apart from Hillel, on campus, Aly is involved in TCO Labs and is a member of Phi Mu. Aly loves to bake, travel, and spend time with her friends and is obsessed with Orange Theory Fitness.

Jacob Lefkovitz

At Hillel I’m involved with the Conservative Minyan

Hello everyone! I’m Jake Lefkovitz. I’m a sophomore history and political science student from Chicago, IL and I’m really excited to be involved at the Hillel this year! From participating in and interning for the Jewish Learning Fellowship to penning a piece for the inaugural edition of Hineni, I can see looking back just how valuable my time at the Hillel was for me as a freshman still adapting to collegiate life. Through my continued engagement at the Hillel, I hope to keep drawing upon the strength that is lent me by being a part of a strong Jewish community, as well as start helping to build up the strength of others. Looking forward to seeing everyone around!

Rudy Malcom


I’m the editor and founder of Hineni, Hopkins Hillel’s identity literary arts magazine. I’ve been an Engagement Intern and am currently a member of the Welcome Squad. My biggest fears are contact lenses and rejection. If you’re down for idiosyncratic, pseudo-intellectual banter, let’s go for coffee!

Sara Malina

At Hillel I’m involved with Conservative Minyan (Gabbai)

I am a sophomore chemistry major from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I am active in the conservative minyan and a member of the welcome squad. In my free time, I enjoy baking and napping.

Mandy Mark

At Hillel I’m involved with Hillel Welcome Squad, Chai (Co-President)

Hi, I’m Mandy Mark from Hollywood, Florida. I’m a sophomore Writing Seminars major with a really bad sense of humor. When I’m not writing papers at Brody or playing piano at the Mattin Center, I can usually be found schmoozing at Hillel.

Alec Milner

At Hillel I’m involved with CHAI (Chair), Kulanu (President)

I’m from Jarrettsville, MD. Will be starting my senior year of Mechanical Engineering and pursuing an aerospace concentration.
In Hillel serve as the leader of Kulanu- an interfaith and outreach group that works in order to build an inclusive community in Hillel and on campus, building partnerships and connecting students.

Jenna Movsowitz

At Hillel I’m involved with Hillel Welcome Squad

Hi! My name is Jenna and I’m a senior from Bryn Mawr, PA studying Writing Seminars with a minor in Marketing & Communications. On campus, I’m involved in Greek Life, JHUMUNC, and I work in the Admissions Office! I have been involved in Hillel since my sophomore year, when I had the amazing opportunity to be an engagement intern. I absolutely love the community that Hillel has brought me, and can’t wait to give back during my senior year and make Hillel feel like home for new blue jays 🙂

Binyamin Novetsky


Hi, I’m Binyamin! I’m a sophomore majoring in Writing Seminars and serving as the current Gabbai of the Orthodox minyan at Hopkins. I’m from Teaneck, New Jersey, and went to high school at TABC, after which I took a gap year in Israel studying Torah at Yeshivat Har Etzion. I really like soccer.

Nathan Safran


At Hillel I’m involved with Birthright Recruitment and former Engagement Intern

My name is Nate Safran and I’m a Senior from Stanford, California studying Behavioral Biology. I’ve been heavily involved in Hillel since my sophomore year working as an Engagement intern and Birthright recruiter. Hillel is my home on campus and one of my favorite places to be!

Ariella Shua


At Hillel I’m involved with Oy Gay (President), Hopkins Hillel Gabbai (Emails)

Hi, I’m Ariella! I’m a junior Writing Seminars major with minors in Museums & Society and Marketing & Communications. I’m the President of Oy Gay, the home for LGBTQ Jews at Hopkins. I’m also in charge of the Gabbai Email, aka the email with the weekly schedule and a fun meme.

Emily Sklar

At Hillel I’m involved with JStreetU (Co-Chair)

Hi everyone. My name is Emily Sklar and I’m a rising senior majoring in International Studies with a focus on conflict transformation. I have been involved in JStreetU since my sophomore year and am will be co-chairing our chapter this year. On campus, I am also in Blue Key Society, a PILOT leader and in a sorority. This past summer, I was interning with JStreet in DC and also had the incredible opportunity to participate in their inaugural “Let Our People Know” trip to Israel and occupied Palestine. This year I’ll be focusing on writing my senior thesis and figuring out what I want to do after graduation.

Emma Sokolow


At Hillel I’m involved with JStreetU (Board Member)

I’m a rising Sophomore and an International Studies major. I’m a foodie, and I love listening to podcasts!

Batya Wiener

At Hillel I’m involved with JStreetU

My name is Batya Wiener and I am a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering. After being an active member at my Conservative synagogue in Riverdale all my life and going to Camp Ramah Berkshires for 11 years, I feel so lucky to have found an extension of my Jewish community back home at Hopkins. I am excited to give back to Hillel as an Engagement Intern this year!

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