Jewish Life

Jewish Life

Hopkins Hillel strives to be a warm and accessible place for all students. Whether you are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, or don’t adhere to such labels; whether you have been to Israel ten times or not at all; whether you feel Jewish or “Jew-ish”—Hopkins Hillel hopes we will get to hear your voice!

Do you feel pretty traditional or identify with an Orthodox lifestyle? Then check out all of our support for Orthodox life. Meet our OU-JLIC couple, Rabbi and Leora Cantor; come to Shabbat worship; and enjoy a wide range of halakhic and traditional offerings.

Did you grow up Reform? Meet our Reform rabbi, Rabbi Eric; come to Reform services; or check out our ever growing list of Reform programming.

Want to meet other Conservative Jews? Check out our Conservative worship and meet other Conservative students!

Do you identify with another denomination? Is being Jewish not about which type of synagogue you attend but about something else? You, too, have a home at Hopkins Hillel!