SHADES is a new and ambitious program that aims to give students an opportunity to explore their own identity, learn about diversity and paint the world in various colors. The program uses the state of Israel and its complexity as a case study and educational tool in order to expose students to various insights regarding their own lives and reality.

The program includes interactive sessions, experiential activities, and the personal stories of various speakers to challenge students’ current views and thought-patterns regarding different issues in contemporary society and their own life experiences. 

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Important details and info:
-The program includes 6 sessions in total ( a sessions every several weeks) and will be hosted by Hopkins Hillel during evening times.
-In order to participate students must commit to attend at least 4 sessions.
-The program attempts to be apolitical.
-The program is FREE of charge and open to ALL students on campus who wish to learn, challenge themselves, and create meaningful relationships.
-Dinner will be provided.
-The sessions are 1-1.5 hours long.

Dates for the first two sessions:
1. Opening session: “Identity as a zero sum game”- Monday, February 18 at 8:15pm, Hopkins Hillel.
2. “The art of disagreement in Judaism”- Wednesday, March 6 at 8:15pm, Hopkins Hillel.