Volunteer with us!

Volunteer with us!


We are deep into our COVID-19 Fall semester, and we are learning more about ourselves than ever before. There is no denying that our community, as so many are, is feeling the effect of the restrictions and distancing. Something is missing; that sense of togetherness, that connection to purpose. 

We all have energies that are usually expressed well through outlets like sports, campus clubs, study groups, celebrations, communal prayer, Torah study, and other in-person gatherings. But now, those energies are held inside, waiting for a mode of expression to present itself. 

We have a new and unique opportunity to strengthen our own community by giving of ourselves to others. We are privileged to partner with two organizations, one local and one remote, to engage in meaningful chessed (loving acts of kindness). We hope that this will be the beginning of a long-term partnership, through which we can make a significant impact on those in need. 


Remote volunteering opportunity:

DOROT is committed to diminishing social isolation in older adults by connecting generations. Started by Columbia students for surrounding Jewish older adults, DOROT has expanded to serve all older adults in need of their services in the New York area. DOROT is in need of Remote Tech Tutors and Response Team volunteers. Find out more about these remote volunteer opportunities here.


Local (Baltimore, MD), COVID compliant volunteer opportunity:

There are many local organizations committing to helping those in need in our surrounding Baltimore communities. Let’s give back to the city in which we reside!


Repair the World has agreed to partner with us and match us with Baltimore Food Rescue who is in need of our service.  Beginning Spring Semester 2021, 4+ Hillel students will help package food at their central location once a week. While the opportunity is weekly, students can sign up as frequently or infrequently as fits with your schedule. Learn more about the opportunity to volunteer with Baltimore Food Rescue here.