Shabbat Your Way Workshop

Shabbat Your Way Workshop

Ever wondered how to host a fun and meaningful Shabbat experience? This workshop is for YOU!

Click HERE to apply now! Deadline Feb 1

Three parts:

1. Two 1-hour training sessions in which you will:

    • receive a set of Shabbat-themed books
    • learn about the meaning and significance of Shabbat through Jewish sources and history
    • learn about halakhic/practice differences between Jewish movements and geographic regions
    • learn how to create enjoyable, interactive, content-rich Shabbat experiences
    • learn how to create Shabbat experiences that reflect and express their own Jewish identity
    • design your own fun and meaningful Shabbat experience

2. One 2-hour cooking & culture lesson in which you will learn:

    • about the range of Jewish culinary traditions and their different recipes (e.g. Ashkenazic, Moroccan-Mizrahi, Turkish-Sephardic)
    • how to cook recipes from around the world that include vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options

3. Hillel gives you $150 to host a Shabbat experience for 6 or more friends sometime in the spring ’23 semester