Remote Volunteer Opportunities

Remote Volunteer Opportunities


Find more about DOROT and the work they do here.

DOROT’s mission is to alleviate social isolation among older adults and provide services to help them live independently as valued members of the community. They serve the Jewish and wider community, bringing the generations together in a mutually beneficial partnership of seniors, volunteers and professionals.


What does a DOROT volunteer do?

In our partnership with DOROT, we have the opportunity to volunteer in two ways:

  • As a Remote Tech Volunteer, you will provide individuals with help navigating their electronic devices and applications such as email, Zoom, and others. Older adults are seeking ways to stay connected, attend online classes, and communicate with their loved ones. By providing them with one hour of your time, you help them access a world of remote possibilities to brighten their days at home. The commitment is 1-2 hours per week (via phone, Zoom, Google Meet) for 3 months**
  • DOROT staff members regularly field unique requests that ​are not necessarily addressed through other programs. As a Response Team volunteer, you will receive a weekly email listing new opportunities for your consideration. You make the decision about which of those opportunities meet your interests and availability. The time commitment is four volunteer sessions (1 hour each) over a six month period (but volunteers can certainly do more!)
    Requests include:
  • Discussing current events
  • Reading aloud (such as a section of the Newspaper)
  • Playing an instrument
  • Practicing a foreign language

**DOROT understands that there may be a week here and there when a student may have another commitment like exams or family vacation. It is acceptable to take off with prior notice.

How do I apply to be a DOROT volunteer?

Whether you want to hear more about DOROT or have decided you’d like to volunteer as a Remote Tech Volunteer or Response Team volunteer, please click here to register for an upcoming Information and Orientation Session.

As a volunteer with DOROT, you will be working directly with older adults. Therefore, all DOROT volunteers are required to:

  • Attend an Orientation session (one hour)
  • Complete an application (including two references)***
  • Complete a Background check
***Leora Cantor can be an automatic reference for you if you reach out to her directly and let her know you are applying, leaving you responsible for one reference. (contact info below)

More questions? Please contact Leora Cantor at [email protected], or Sheyna Schusterman at [email protected].