Meet our new Israel Fellow, Ziv Friedwald!


Ziv was born and raised in Ramat Gan, a city right next to Tel Aviv. In high school, he had a great passion for science and took a lot of classes in mathematics and computer science. This ultimately got him into one of the special cyber units in the intelligence force when he was drafted into the IDF. During his second year in the army he began his first degree in Law at Ono Academic College. After finishing his 3 years of service, Ziv spent some time working as a ski instructor in Europe. Recently, Ziv spent a summer at Camp Ramah in California as a sports specialist. This experience, along with his time as a counselor in the Israeli boy scouts, has strengthened his connection to and interest in his Jewish-Israeli identity. Ziv is super excited to be part of the Hillel team, to get to know all the students, and to share his knowledge about Israel. In his free time, he enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, going out with friends, watching a good movie, and traveling to new places.