Israel and Me

Israel and Me

Sign up today for ISRAEL AND ME!

Join your peers to discuss big ideas around Israel and your identity in the inaugural cohort of ISRAEL AND ME.

Ask big questions about Israel, your beliefs, the Jewish people, and life as an American Jew, such as:

  • What is the role of Israel in the American Jewish story?
  • What is Zionism, anyway?
  • Should Israel be a part of my identity?
  • What do I value?

Join us for these six sessions and earn a $150 stipend! Sign up now—registration closes March 4!


What are the goals and outcomes of Israel and Me?

• To let students explore their relationship to Israel, relating it to the rest of their identities (as Americans, as Jews, and beyond).
• To question and identify what it means to be an American Jew today.
• To allow students to learn and discuss key terms and ideas related to Israel, not from an academic perspective, but to help them better express their own relationship to Israel.
• To promote the idea that there are multiple viewpoints related to Judaism and Israel, and encourage students to seek multiple understandings and answers to questions.
• To give students a safe space to explore themselves and converse with peers around hot topic issues.
• To help mentor students and demonstrate to them multiple viewpoints on Israel.

• Students will better understand their own relationship to the people, state, and land of Israel, and they will be able to better express that relationship and how it connects to their identity.
• Students will feel better connected to their peers.
• Students will strengthen their relationship with staff members.
• Students will hear a variety of viewpoints related to Israel (including issues related to its people, history, culture, story, and politics) and understand that different people approach these issues in different ways and with various values systems.
• Students will leave knowing how they can continue exploring their relationship to Israel beyond this fellowship.

What will we discuss?

Topics are a bit flexible, but as of right now we will address themes such as:
• What is your Israel story?
• Why Israel? Or, What is Zionism?
• Should Israel play a role in my identity?
• Who are my people?
• What do I value?
• What might we need next?

What does it cost?

Thanks to some amazing benefactors, this program is FREE. In fact, WE’LL PAY YOU A $150 STIPEND!

Who should apply?

Anyone who wants to explore their Jewish identity and the way it relates to Israel!

Whether you’ve been to Israel ten times or not at all, whether you call it “Palestine” or “Judea and Samaria,” whether you identify as a Zionist or wonder what that even means, there’s room for you in this cohort.

However, please come prepared to hear and explore viewpoints that differ from our own. This is a space for exploration, listening, and nuanced conversation. Cordial debate is welcome; yelling is not!

What if I don’t know anything about Israel?

That’s okay—in fact, it’s more than okay! The whole point is to explore our Jewish identities—whatever they may be.

What are the program requirements?

There’s no homework, there are no group projects—just show up, listen, learn, and explore!

Beyond attending all six sessions*, all participants must be prepared to bring their full selves and to hear viewpoints with which they might not agree. Israel and Me is a pluralistic space with participants from across the political and ideological spectrum. There’s no one way to relate to Israel!

*If you cannot attend all six sessions, we encourage you to apply anyway and Rabbi Eric and/or Lior will chat with you about it.

What’s the schedule for signing up and attending sessions?

Registration opens Thursday, February 4 and closes March 4. Click here to sign up.

Israel and Me will meet every Thursday from 8-9:15pm for six weeks, beginning March 11 and ending April 15, 2021:
• Session 1: March 11, 8-9:15pm
• Session 2: March 18, 8-9:15pm
• Session 3: March 25, 8-9:15pm
• Session 4: April 1, 8-9:15pm
• Session 5: April 8, 8-9:15pm
• Session 6: April 15, 8-9:15pm

Who’s facilitating this fellowship?

Lior and Rabbi Eric will lead each session (and keep an eye out for some special guest appearances from other Hillel staff!). Check out their bios here.

What do I need to do to register?

Fill out this application form and we’ll be in touch. Registration closes March 4!

What if I have more questions?

Questions? Reach out to Lior or Rabbi Eric!