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Hopkins Ideas Platform is simple:

You bring an idea, we help you develop it, and then you make it happen for you and your friends! 

Hopkins Ideas Platform is a high-quality yet low-barrier, cohort-based platform that enables students to brainstorm an experience, develop it with peer-input and mentor-guidance, and then implement it for their friends or community.

Anyone can submit any idea!

Students can register for the Hopkins Ideas Platform (HIP) with an idea—even a rough kernel of an idea—that touches on one of five categories: Wellness, Identity Exploration, Social Impact, Career Development, and Fun. Throughout the semester and/or year, students will meet monthly with other HIP cohort members for idea development and learning; will meet one to three times a month with a staff member for mentorship; and will gather feedback from at last five peers.

By the end, each student will have produced some sort of experience for them and their friends!

Why are we doing this?

Johns Hopkins Hillel has provided meaningful opportunities to most students for a long time. And while we have been great–we know we can do better! We’ve therefore embarked on a process of discovery and change, seeking to hear more voices and diversify our community. Our next step is try try out HIP, a prototype to see if we can better serve our students’ needs.

Who is this for? What’s in it for me?

HIP seeks any and all students who want to create meaningful experience for them and their communities. Anyone can register with any idea!

Through this program, students will take ownership of making Hillel and Hopkins a more diverse, inclusive, accessible center of innovation and creativity, while growing their personal and professional skills as they design experiences for themselves and their friends.

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