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How does Judaism shape your identity?

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Hineni, a new literary magazine for and by the Jewish and Jew-ish community at Hopkins!


“Hineni,” in Hebrew, means “here I am.”

But saying “hineni” at Hopkins doesn’t simply mean being present physically on campus or in Baltimore. It means you’re fully present; you’re here mentally, emotionally, spiritually. You’re ready to engage, to participate in something bigger than yourself.

Being here mentally, emotionally, and spiritually means something different to everyone. And so does Judaism.

What does being Jewish or Jew-ish mean to you — spiritually, religiously, culturally?
What are your customs and traditions?
What are your Jewish experiences and beliefs?
What’s your personal narrative?
Why are you here, and what are you here for?

Write a paragraph, an essay, a poem — any piece of prose in which you can best explore and express your Jewish or Jew-ish identity — and submit it to hopkinshineni@gmail.com by Thursday, November 1, to be considered for publication.

We also welcome visual artwork of your creation that is directly relevant to Judaism and/or your piece. (We encourage you to submit, for example, photography from your Bat Mitzvah or trip to Israel, or a scan of your painting depicting Hebrew letters or Jewish landmarks.)

A student board will evaluate submissions based on tone, content, and theme. We hope to publish your writing and artwork in our first edition of Hineni, a new literary magazine printed once a semester to showcase the diverse identities of and to foster introspection and discovery within the Jewish community at Johns Hopkins University.