COVID-19 Policies & FAQ

COVID-19 Policies & FAQ

“One who saves a life, saves a world.” —Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5

Hopkins Hillel’s COVID-19 Policies

We at Hopkins Hillel embrace the Jewish value of piku’ach nefesh, the primacy of the sanctify of life. To uphold this obligation, we have set forth a series of policies in accordance with the university and as we try to gather while navigating both safety and spirituality, both health and happiness.


  • Vaccinations are required for all students, faculty, staff, guests, and other community members.
  • Masks are required indoors at all times.
  • Everyone must be prepared to attest to proof of vaccination and that they are symptom-/COVID-free.


All Hopkins community members (undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and other community members) must abide by the following policies:

  • Provide proof of vaccination for all gatherings, events, one-on-ones, etc. We require all students, faculty, staff, guests, and other community members to be vaccinated when attending any Hillel event, meeting, initiative, or other experience. We ask that guests fill out our screening form. If you cannot provide proof of vaccination, please contact Noam Bentov, Hopkins Hillel’s Executive Director.
  • Wear a mask whenever indoors, including within the Hopkins Hillel building. Hopkins Hillel will provide disposable masks at the building if needed. The mask mandate applies to all indoor activities: services, meetings, programs, etc.
  • Socially distance. Whether indoors or outdoors, we encourage community members to maintain an appropriate distance (6+ feet) when possible.
  • Stay away if you are sick. If you feel sick, have a temperature/fever, or have recently been exposed to COVID-19, please stay away from Hopkins Hillel events until you feel better.
  • Notify staff if you feel sick or test positive for COVID-19 after attending a Hillel event, meeting, program, or other gathering. We will work with the university to monitor contact exposure. We will make every effort to keep your identity confidential with other community members.
  • Follow Maryland, Baltimore, and university guidelines. Click here for Maryland’s COVID-19 response, click here for Baltimore’s status, and click here for Hopkins guidelines.

Additional policies for Hopkins students, faculty, staff, and other affiliated members (those with Hopkins IDs):

  • Please be prepared to show your J Card or other Hopkins ID at all events, programs, etc.
  • Please be ready to attest to your vaccination status. We may ask that you fill out fill out this form, either online or in-person (written or oral).

Additional policies for visitors and guests:

  • Please be prepared to provide or attest to proof of vaccination. We may ask to see proof of vaccination, including your vaccination card. Questions about our vaccination policy? Please contact our Executive Director, Noam Bentov.
  • Please provide proof of a negative COVID test within 48 hours if you are a prospective student or anyone else visiting and staying with a Hillel community member.
  • Please fill out out the pre-screening form prior to attending any event. You can find the form here. If you cannot fill it out ahead of time, we will have printouts ready for you to fill out.
  • Please wear your guest pass. Once a staff member has screened you using the pre-screening form, they will give you a guess pass. Pease wear this guest pass to indicate that you have been screened.
  • Hopkins Hillel maintains the right to limit attendance to events to community members. In order to maintain the safety and wellbeing of our students, we have restricted some events which will be open to Hopkins students and affiliates only.


Do I need to be vaxxed to attend Hillel events?

Yes, we require all students, staff, faculty, and guests/visitors to be vaccinated. You may be required to show proof of vaccination, including a picture of your vaccine card and/or an approved app. If you have questions, please contact Noam Bentov.

How do I show proof of vaccination and that I’m symptom free?

For guests, please fill out this screening form prior to gathering. We will have printouts of this form at all Hillel events, too. On Shabbat and holidays, you are Shomer Shabbos and cannot fill out the form, a staff member will ask you the same questions orally.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, whenever you’re inside the Hillel building. Masks are not required outdoors.

What about eating or drinking?

For questions about our food/drink policy, please contact Monica Davis or ask any other staff member.

What are your visitor/guest policies?

All visitors/guests must show  proof of or attest to being vaccinated, and must fill out a screening form that indicates that they are symptom free and have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 or exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. If you are visiting Hopkins Hillel, please fill out this screening form.

Unfortunately, not all events or programs will be open to visitors and guests. This year, our High Holiday services are closed to non-Hopkins affiliates. Students, faculty, staff, and others with Hopkins IDs are welcome, though you may be asked to show proof of affiliation. For questions, please contact Rabbi Eric for Reform and Conservative services, and Rabbi Cantor for Orthodox worship.

What happens if I feel sick or show COVID-19 symptoms?

If you are sick, especially if you have COVID-19 symptoms and/or fever, please do not come to Hillel or attend any Hopkins Hillel events or gatherings. We will gladly welcome you back once you are cleared!

If you show signs or have symptoms of COVID-19 and you’ve recently attended a Hillel event, please follow all university policies for reporting and please tell a Hillel staff member so we can evaluate the situation and possibly do some contact tracing.

What’s happening with Shabbat?

Shabbat services are still happening in-person and with masks. Please see our Shabbat page for more details as to timing and locations.

After services, at around 7pm (6:30pm during winter Shabbat hours), all students (whether you attended services or not) are welcome to the basement to gather for Kiddush, and then may receive their grab-and-go meal to eat on their own away from the building.

Shabbat dinners are free thanks to a wonderful gift from the Smokler family. At this time, Shabbat dinners are grab-and-go only. ALTHOUGH FREE, YOU MUST REGISTER FOR YOUR MEAL AHEAD OF TIME. Click here to register; make sure to do so by the preceding Sunday.

What’s happening with the High Holidays?

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting High Holiday services to Hopkins affiliates only. You will be asked to provide a Hopkins ID, along with proof of vaccination and that you’re symptom free (using the Prodensity app or our screening form).

For more information about High Holidays, or to ask questions about attendance, please see our High Holiday page or contact Rabbi Eric (Reform and Conservative) or Rabbi Cantor (Orthodox).

What about other programs, events, meetings, etc.?

Thankfully, we are back to being in person this year—and that includes our programs! Check out our wonderful events, programs, and fellowships, such as Life’s Big Questions, the Tikkun Olam Fellowship, and more.

All programs, events, meetings, etc. must adhere to the above policies. We encourage students to plan programs that will best maximize both safety and meaning-making, such as hosting events outside. When attending events, please stay safe, socially distance, wash hands, and follow other COVID-19 prevention best practices.

Last updated September 1, 2021
For more information, please contact our Executive Director, Noam Bentov